The 28 Day Kickstart

For all my Healthy Hustlers - aka busy women who want to look and feel GOOD on a busy schedule!

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What Do I Believe?

Food Should Be Enjoyed

For so many people, food is a source of stress, anxiety and guilt. However I am a firm believer that we should enjoy what we eat, revel in the goodness that comes from and share it with those we love.

Your Size Is Not Your Worth

I work with all my clients on improving their relationship with themselves and with food. You are so much more than your body weight.

Healthy Eating Shouldn't Be Hard

The nutrition world can seem so over complicated and time consuming but it doesn't have to be. Nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle is possible for all.

My goal is to coach your habits and mindset around nutrition and movement to help you unlock what your body needs to thrive, and empower you in your health decisions.

What Is Right For You?

28 DAYS With Elise

This course is designed to help you jump start your healthy lifestyle. For those of you with busy schedules and not sure where to start. I will give you clear guides on meals and foods to eat, how to plan and prep, and lots of nutrition education to get you on track! 


This online course has developed into a complete nutrition education from the basics to advanced topics like gut health. In addition to nutrition is a complete mindset shift to food freedom and a journey of self love.

One on One Coaching

Completely customized nutrition and mindset education, 24/7 access to me via phone, text or email. Weekly education and strategy calls will help you not only stay motivated and on track but also to reach your goals sooner. Application only.

Why Wait?

Start your 28 Day Kickstart now, for a clear direction on living a healthier life. Get the plan you need to help make some positive changes.

"As a busy accountant and a mum, I always had trouble with healthy eating and making good decisions. With Elise, I learned better habits and hacks for my busy lifestyle, and it's improved my energy, mood, productivity and life immensely."

- Sarah B.
Accountant and Mum of 3

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11 easy to form habits - Tips on portion control - How to avoid overeating - Drink hacks - Coffee recommendations - Breakfast tips - Snack ideas and more... 

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Easy To Follow Meal Plan

Including 13 Breakfasts, 20 Lunch & Dinners and 15 Snacks. This meal plan comes with a 4 week plan to help you decide what to eat, how much to eat, and how to grocery shop. Let this meal plan take the guess work out, and help you save time, money and mental space stressing about food

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Is It Right For You?

Do you have zero time to spare for good nutrition? Or do you have no clue where to start when it comes to healthy eating? Are you tired of not losing weight. Then this 28 day Kickstart is for you!

If you want a plan to finally hit your health and wellness goals. If you want to know exactly what to eat and to stop second guessing your decisions. Then this is for you!

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