3 Reasons Why You Feel Addicted To Food & Out Of Control. Spoiler...It's Not Because You Have No Self Control

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2019

So how did you get here? Why do you feel addicted to food or completely out of control around some trigger foods?

Well, first of all, I want you to know that you are not alone. Second, just because this feeling out of control around food is so common, doesn’t mean you HAVE to feel this way. Third, YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. It’s not because you have no self-control, no will power or that you are weak or lazy. I know you might think that your willpower is the issue. However I will tell you now, no amount of willpower will stop you from feeling addicted, in fact, the more you resist, the more likely you are to give in and feel that addiction. The more willpower you enforce, the bigger the swing the other way when you inevitably overeat.


So if it’s not a self control problem...what is it? Well, there are 3 potential reasons that you might feel addicted to food. 1 - emotions, 2 - the restriction binge cycle and 3 - this crazy diet fueled world we live in.


First, there is the emotional drive to eat. It could be a happy TREAT YO SELF attitude after a workout, for a special occasion or just for making it through the day without yelling at your child or coworker about their inability to do anything without you holding their hand.

It could also be from a negative place of stress, loneliness or boredom where you turn to food for comfort and allllways overdo it. You’re probably thinking ‘yea, I emotionally eat alllll the time, it's one of my biggest problems’. Well, what if I told you that emotional eating is a completely normal part of life. To soothe your feelings with food is normal, to celebrate with food is also normal. Emotional binge eating, however, is something completely different and although it is very common, it is something you can prevent from happening and will help you feel a lot more controlled around food when you do.

Second is the diet-binge cycle or the restriction-binge cycle. If someone tells you not to look left...that is the only thing you are going to want to do! Like ‘don’t look left? I’m not allowed? Why what’s over there?’ even if they tell you it’s something awful, your curiosity and the fact that you’re “not allowed”...makes it even more irresistible to sneak a peek!

Well, this is similar to what you’re doing with food. As soon as you tell yourself you’re not allowed an oreo...that is the only thing you’re going to want to eat! And the longer you go telling yourself you can’t have it, avoiding these little cookies and not giving in, the bigger the binge when you DO give in. And you will. 

The diet-binge cycle is a called diet binge because you’re usually in one of the two camps. You're either 100% in on that flat belly diet, counting your almonds, or you messed up and you're in the 'F it response' binge. The 'F it response' is when you 'mess up' and think ‘'well today has gone to hell, so F it, I'm just going to eat everything under the sun and tomorrow I'm going to start again’

The pressure of having to be perfect with something that your body is fighting against is setting you up for failure!


Finally, the third reason you feel obsessed with food is this crazy diet fueled world we live in. We’re constantly bombarded with messages of good, bad, you deserve it, you have to earn it, you shouldn't eat this food or you have to eat this to be skinny. All this messaging keeps diet and restriction on our mind 24/7. 99% of the time it's conflicting messages, so then we end up confused, try to do allll the rules and we're right back in that diet-binge cycle.


If you've had enough of feeling addicted, out of control and obsessed with food. Get this FREE guide to help you heal your relationship with food in 5 steps. It's a process and a journey, but it's SO rewarding.


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