3 Steps to Start Healing Your Gut

gut health nutrition Jan 17, 2019

Gut health has been a hot topic for a while now but it seems like a lot of the focus is on everything that can be causing you gut issues and foods to cut out. These tips will help you focus on what you can start adding IN to your diet so you can eat your way to a healthy gut!


1 - Fermented Foods

These have been making a comeback as of late and your gut is pumped about it! Fermented foods have good bacteria that your gut can hold onto and multiply. Top fermented foods: yogurt (with live active cultures), kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and lassi! Whole Foods has a whole section dedicated to fermented foods and its definitely worth checking out.


2 - Resistant Starch

Resistant what now? These starches are 'resistant' to being broken down, aka your body can't digest and absorb them all. But don't be fooled that they are just passing by with nothing to offer us. The undigested starch travels to your large intestine where it is fermented and turned into short chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are the perfect energy for the good bacteria to feed off helping them grow and populate your happy healthy gut! So what should you eat? Bananas, beans, legumes, and its sounds weird but cooked and then cooled rice and potatoes. Did someone say potato salad?!


3 - Fiber

Fiber cannot be broken down and absorbed at all, instead it helps with our gut function, mobility and health. High fiber foods like broccoli, kale, whole grains and avocados are going to be great things to add into your diet to health that gut!


What are your questions about gut health? Probiotics? Prebiotics?


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