6 Tips to Increase Your Fruit & Vegetable Intake

So originally I wrote this looooong post trying to persuade you to eat your fruits and vegetables, but instead you should just scan these tips really quick…

6 tips for fruit and vegetable intake for weight loss by with elise nutrition. A registered dietitian nutritionist that does online nutrition coaching.

Here are some tips you can implement today!


1 - You need 7-13 servings a day to get all the vitamins/minerals you need. Aim for 10. 10 is a solid number, good luck, you can do it!


2 - This means about half your plate should be veggies at each meal and everytime you eat you need a fruit and/or vegetable.


3 - For most people fruit intake should be timed specifically throughout your day.


4 - Choose the darker/richer hues for a higher concentration of nutrients.


5 - Always eat the skin!


6 - Count colours not calories. Try to have every colour throughout the day, oranges, reds, purples, whites and of course greens!


What are you going to do today to increase your nutrient intake?!


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