9 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

If you know me, you know that weight isn't what matters, your overall health is MUCH more important! But who says you can't have the body you want AND a healthy lifestyle. Set up a free consultation here to here how you can have both!


These are the TOP 9 reasons I come across ALL THE TIME when clients come to me for weight loss...

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1 - You're over thinking it

You think you have to do paleo, a juice cleanse, south beach and keto all at once so you freeze and don't do anything. Instead of trying to follow a specific diet, do what feels right for your body!


2 - You think its just calories in, calories out

There is so much more to healthy weight loss than calories in calories out. There is so much more to food than the amount of calories it has, nutritionally and emotionally! You have to unlock the power of food!


3 - You won't give it time

Think of how long it took you to gain your unwanted weight, are you giving your healthy lifestyle long enough to see healthy weight loss? Don't give in!


4 - You keep skipping breakfast (or other meals)

Skipping meals can make you over eat in the long run because we get TOO hungry and go crazy when we finally get to eat! Plan your day in advance so you can make time for food and know what you are going to have. Ordering takeaway when you're hangry isn't going to do anyone any good!


5 - You're mindlessly eating

Do you have a snack in your hand while reading this?! Eating is not a time to be multitasking. If you are watching TV while eating you're probably going to over eat! Pay attention to your food.


6 - You're over eating

Our expectations of portions are completely skewed! The cheesecake factory is NOT a good standard for how big a meal should be. Re-evaluate the portions of veggies/healthy fats/protein and carbs on your plate.


7 - You eat too quickly

This goes hand in hand with mindless eating. If we are not focused on what we are eating we probably aren't focused on how it tastes, if we're full and if we're satisfied. This is going to lead to over eating, you won't notice it before its too late!


8 - You're too stressed

Stress has a BIG effect on our hormones and body composition. Are you holding extra fat in your abdominal area? Thats a classic sign of too much stress in your life. Figure out how to eliminate or deal with your stress!


9 - You're not sleeping enough or you're sleeping too much

Too much and too little sleep can both have an effect on weight. Just like stress, sleep can affect your hormones. Aim for 6-9 hours each night to make sure its not sabotaging your body composition goals!


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