How It Feels To Be Out Of Control Around Food

  Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try to avoid a specific food, you can never fully stay away?

  Let’s use Oreos as an example, you love those little cookies. But you know that if you eat one, you’re going to eat the whole packet. So what do you do? don’t buy them're a zero oreo household. Butttt your husband hasn’t got the memo and brings home a big multi-pack of Oreos and...yup...they’re double stuffed! I’m gonna guess your thought process goes a little something like this…

First of all HUSBAND….why the hell would you buy a multipack when you know I love Oreos?

Husband:  ….ummmm because I know you love Oreos?

Ugh he doesn’t get it, I’m on my own with this, but that’s ok, this time I’m not gonna cave, I’m just not gonna have any. You put them in the pantry and close the door.

Out of sight out of mind.

You go about your business, cook a nice healthy dinner, enjoy eating it and then sit down to watch the bachelor. That’s when you get your first little nagging thought, like a little whisper in your ear that you’ve been trying to ignore but eventually give a little attention to...

‘heyyyyy...those Oreos are in the pantry...remember them?!’

It’s just one thought. So you try to block it out by popping some popcorn and snacking on that instead. Then you get it again…

‘heyyyy...those oreos are in the pantry’

Don’t eat them…

‘they’re double stuffed…’

Don’t eat them

‘Remember how much you love that double stuffing?!’

Then you get this really smart idea to have a fiber one brownie instead, actually, you have 2 because they are only 90 calories and basically all fiber anyway so that’ll combat your sweet tooth and chocolate craving all in one and it’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Right?

Then the third time…

’heyyyyy…oreos hereeee’

You think ok fine, I’ll have ONE. So you pour yourself a glass of milk because if you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna do it right. And you eat the Oreo.

The world didn’t end and you think to yourself; ‘well, I still have all this milk and 4 is technically a serving, so I’ll get 3 more and I’ll just really enjoy these 3’

You eat them as you’re watching the bachelor, and right after Becky is done bitching about how Britney is soooooo desperate, you look down at your plate and they’ve gone. Apparently, you inhaled the Oreos. barely remember eating them?? Damn Becky and her fake ‘I just want to find real love tears’ think ‘just 2 more because those packs in stores come as a 6 and so this is just like eating one packet, which is probably a real serving right?’

Then right as you finish your last 2 delicious double stuffed Oreos, your annoying AF husband gets himself 4 FREAKING OREOS!!

Umm excuse can’t be the last one to enjoy them...I can’t sit here and watch you eat them...are you kidding me? Do you know the internal struggle I’ve been going through and you’re just gonna sit there and eat them IN FRONT OF MY FACE?

You’re so annoyed.

Then he gets up and goes to the bathroom and you skip over to the pantry really quietly and shove (literally) an Oreo in your mouth and take another one to the sofa...'just 1 more!' you tell your husband.

The Bach finishes, it’s time for bed, so your husband goes off to annoyingly brush his teeth and be all satisfied and shit...but you?

You make a little pit stop to the pantry and gobble down three more before you go to the bedroom.

That’s when it hits you, laid in bed, tallying up the calories and sugar content of 11 Oreos and you think ‘ugh...what is wrong with me, I had such a good day and then I blow it on 11 oreos...11?! How is that normal?...and don’t forget the popcorn and TWO fiber one brownies as well.

Why can’t I just say no? Why can’t I just have 1 or 2 like a normal person?

Ok, tomorrow I’m not having any, I’m getting back on it. ZERO OREOS! I can do this.


It's a long story, I know. But, if that sounds a bit like you, let me tell you, you are absolutely not alone! I have heard HUNDREDS of versions of this story, all from women who have blamed themselves for their lack of self-control for decades!

But I want you to know that this doesn’t have to be your norm. Oreos, or whatever your ‘trigger foods’ are, don’t have to rule your thoughts or your actions. You CAN find mental peace and food freedom, you CAN be the one in control and you CAN live a life where you don’t feel guilt or pressure around food.

If you’re at a point where you’re constantly thinking about what you can eat, what you can't eat, when you can eat, how long its been since you've eaten, if it’s ok to eat something...or how you’re definitely not going to have an Oreo this time...then maybe you need a change.

Honestly, you deserve a change. Because although you’re not alone in these thoughts, it is definitely not a necessary part of life. And although you might not believe it yet, you CAN get to a place where you could live in a bloody house made of Oreos and not even bat an eyelid.

If you want to take the first steps of this process, grab a free copy of 5 ways to take back control around food HERE.


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