How To Make Good Habits Stick

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2019
  You know you should be drinking more water, you know you need to cook at home more often, but how do you make those good habits stick around for long enough to really improve your health? 
1 - Find a more meaningful why. If you base all your nutrition decisions around trying to lose 10lbs, chances are you're not going to follow through. Life is typically not that different if you're 10lbs lighter or heavier! However, if you decide to cultivate a healthy life so that you can be present and active for your kids and grandkids then you're more likely to follow through on adding in extra movement, choosing whole foods and making sure you get your 5-10 a day.
2 - What you don't change you choose. This is that reality check statement when you know you need some tough self-love! Reframing thoughts from 'I don't have time to eat healthily', to 'I'm choosing not to make healthy food a priority' can be a big kick up the bum to make a move!
3 - Have a plan. Set yourself up for success by thinking about your day the night BEFORE. If you wait until it's lunchtime to decide what to eat when you're starving, chances are it's not going to be something that helps support your meaningful why. Give yourself a break by thinking about what you can take with you throughout the day or what you can whip up the night before!
4 - And have a backup plan. Life is always going to come up with something to throw you off, something unexpected that could easily knock you off your game. Having a backup plan will help you act, instead of react, to a less than ideal situation! Maybe it's having a takeout place that you know has a yummy meal that also meets your nutrition needs. Maybe it's always having certain foods in the fridge so that you can whip up a healthy dinner on days that you get home late, are tired and hungry and don't want to cook a big meal. My go-to is my veggie egg scramble. frozen veggies, eggs, avocado and balsamic glaze for the win.
5 - Be your biggest supporter by celebrating wins and finding gratitude. Don't forget to give yourself a huge pat on the back when you make positive decisions. If you set a goal and hit it, celebrate! It's great! Another way is to find gratitude every day. If you can wake up and list 3 things that you are grateful for, you'll see even more good in the day. Create positivity through gratitude. This stuff snowballs and you're more inclined to make decisions that get you closer to your why.
6 - Visualise. Imagine how it feels when you kill it at a workout, or when you've taken some time to put together a delicious healthy meal. The brain doesn't always know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, you visualising that person and feeling that person, is going to help you act like that person and BE that person.
I challenge you this week to start every morning with gratitude! Make a list of 3 things you are grateful for every morning. Come back to this list in moments that you're struggling to see all the amazing things you have in life. Gratitude breeds positivity!
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