How to Reduce Inflammation in 4 Simple Steps

Inflammation is one of those hot topics that people talk about but don't really dive into what it actually is. Sooooo today we're going to dive in!
There are two kinds of inflammation, acute and chronic.
Acute inflammation is normal and necessary, it's how your body heals and fights disease. Imagine a cut on your finger, you know how sometimes it can be red and swollen around the cut? That is acute inflammation, it is a rapid response and without it, we wouldn't heal!
However, chronic inflammation is one of the biggest roadblocks to a healthy body. Consistent, systemic inflammation can cause major health issues like diabetes and heart disease. So what causes this chronic inflammation? Well, long term lifestyle stressors, excessive exercise and gut health issues can all play a part. But there are some things you can do to help reduce chronic inflammation and get your health on track!
1 - Eat whole foods.
This one is an obvious step but it's always good to reflect on how much processed food you eat and ways to reduce it! Antioxidants are very specific inflammation fighting foods, so load up on berries, garlic and citrus fruits. Omega 3's are also great, so look for wild-caught salmon, fortified eggs and add a fish oil supplement too, this is my favourite one!
2 - Work out.
It's true that working out can cause acute inflammation (and if it's excessive exercise, chronic inflammation too). However, working out for just 30 mins a day is going to have an overall positive effect on chronic inflammation. The important thing here is to do something you enjoy and don't overdo it, a little bit every day is best!
3 - Reduce lifestyle stress.
Not all the stress you experience in life is avoidable, but it is important to reduce it where you can and come up with valid coping mechanisms when you can't. Learn to recognize when you're stressed and try some non-food-related comforting activities. Maybe you need to take 5 minutes to meditate on your lunch break or go for a walk after work to wind down. What can you do to reduce a stressful commute or grocery shopping experience? If you can identify that you always get stressed at the same point in the day. What can you do in anticipation of it? Or what can you do after the fact to come back down to a place of grounding and peace?
4 - Limit alcohol.
I know... I said it. If chronic inflammation is something that you are dealing with then limiting alcohol can have a huge effect. Remember that alcohol is a toxin to your body. So if you're are in a state of chronic inflammation and then throw alcohol in the mix, you're adding to that state of stress and giving your body yet another job to do!
What are you going to implement to reduce your inflammation? For ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet check this post out HERE.

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