With Elise McVicar MS, RDN, LDN


End your food confusion and gain clarity on what your body actually needs to THRIVE


Imagine when Monday comes around, that instead of trying to decide what diet you'll try to stick to this week, you already have clarity about what your body wants and needs.

Imagine when all your friends are debating what to do, discussing food rules and the latest diet they read about. You're sitting quietly thinking, 'wow, I'm so glad I know what I'm doing'.

If it feels impossible to image a life where food doesn’t confuse you, then you’re in the right place!

But I don't blame you and you're not alone.

We're constantly bombarded with conflicting nutrition information on social media or terrified to eat anything after a netflix documentary. 

With hundreds of diets, potential intolerances, foods to avoid and superfoods you have to have, it can all get too much.

First there's your favourite fashion blogger who lost all her baby weight doing keto. But right below that is your ultimate plant based foodie blogger who says that the best diet is low fat and high carb.

Your yoga instructor with the waif thin body loves intermittent fasting, while that ripped girl with a six-pack at the gym eats 6 steady meals a day. She's never not eating.

You're left paralysed, confused and probably eating a plate of ice...


The truth is that they have found what works for them, and that's great, but what about you?  

We make over 200 food related decisions a day – that’s 200 opportunities to either make a clear, informed decision. Or to melt into a puddle of frustration because you just. don't. know. anymore.

If this sounds like you I hear you. 

You're confused, most likely hungry and you just don't know what to eat.

We’ve turned eating, a fun and delicious part of life, into a stressful nightmare.

But here’s the thing... you have a choice. You CAN end the confusion, you CAN follow your own rules. You CAN have clarity in what your body needs to THRIVE.


End the confusing diet rules and gain CLARITY in what YOUR body needs today

Hey, I'm Elise 

I love clothes, sunshine, beaches, water, mountains, tequila, berries and trader joes dark chocolate with raspberry batons....havent had one? Go get 10 now.

I'm also a registered dietitian and have done a crap ton of university, continuing education and professional development to bring this course to you.

WHY? Because the number 1 question I am asked is 'what should I eat?'

I once participated in a group discussion with millennial women about sports performance. We discussed all the latest research from rehabbing protocols to periodization and everyone brought their own expertise to the table. There were nurses, physical therapists and athletic trainers etc. At the end of it all, one of these intelligent women turned to me and said 'so Elise, what should I eat? What diet should I follow?'

I was shocked...

The resounding message from these intelligent women?




With so much 'information' at your fingertips you can be left paralysed, overwhelmed and confused. What do you DO with all that 'information', how do you know it's true?

I thought it was obvious...there is no one size fits all. Why are these women trying to fit into a cookie cutter diet?

So I created this course. A no BS, fad free, confusion ending nutrition course. So that smart women, like you. Can have real clarity and peace of mind that what you choose to eat is GOOD for your body, that it's going to help you THRIVE in a body that you LOVE!

How is this course different?

It's not a diet....cue eye roll...I get it. The word diet has been replaced with the word 'lifestyle' and completely skewed to mean 'diet in disguise'.

This is not a diet, it doesn't have rules, it doesn't have lists of foods to avoid, it doesn't tell you what to eat...

Wait what? ok Elise...what DOES it do?

To start, it gives you recipes and meals that meet your needs.

Then every week you learn about a new topic. Maybe it's carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, superfoods, nutrient timing...

And as you learn a new topic each week, you are guided through how to apply it to your life. Practical ways to implement the nutrition knowledge you're learning.

Your job? EAT. Explore foods, how they make you feel, how you digest them, how long they keep you full for etc

You'll override that initial meal plan, with all the new information you learn. Using the resources provided you'll determine what works for you, allowing you to let go of what doesn't.

By the end of the 12 weeks you'll have so much CLARITY on what foods work for you and what you thrive on, that you'll never have to second guess yourself again, and you definitely won't be dieting.

What you'll learn

You'll spend this first week implementing meals that meet your needs with:

14 Breakfast Options

14 Lunch Options

14 Dinner Options

Snack Options

Half the meals are vegetarian options

Outline & tools to maximise the program

Support section you can always come back to

Nutrition Foundations


  • How much water do you need?
  • Tips & tricks to make sure your fluid intake meets your needs

Fruits & Vegetables:

  • How many servings you need
  • How to get variety into your everyday
  • Bonus recipes

Blood sugar & processed foods

  • Intro to the main process of the FPF method

Healthy fats/Protein/Fiber/Carbohydrates:

  • How much you need
  • Food sources


Take it to the next level!

Nutrient timing

Eating around workouts

Gut health

Food quality

Inflammation & immunity

Superfoods & adaptogens


You have FULL email support throughout the whole program, you can ask Elise ANY question and she'll get back to you within 24-48hrs


Want some more? You have the opportunity to book a clarity call with Elise anytime you want. This is a chance for 1-1 attention to strategize, discuss your implementation and ask any question. Clarity calls priced at $40 - average person has 2-3 calls throughout the 12 weeks.

Pricing Options

Two payment options to meet your needs...








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