Find the root of the problem VS putting a band aid on

One of the main things I love about functional nutrition is that it actually finds and SOLVES problems. No putting a band aid on health situations. This could be as simple as boosting energy levels through nutrient combination and timing, instead of chugging coffee as an unsustainable, band aid fix!

Functional nutrition is about identifying the root problem and addressing it through personalised, targeted nutrition. I take this a step further and add in a holistic lifestyle approach. It's important to address stress, sleep, movement and daily routines to have a truly transformative effect. 

How Will It Help Your Life?

By using functional nutrition I have helped myself and others to: 

  • Boost energy levels and get rid of that 2-3pm crash
  • Eliminate cravings that hold so many back from feeling in control
  • Heal gut health, get rid of bloating and poor digestion that can make you feel sluggish
  • Lose fat
  • Regulate hormones
  • Clear mind from any brain fog
  • Improve skin
  • Feel rejuvenated and renewed

C.S. - 

"Summing up my time with Elise is hard. It's hard because how do I write a review for something that has completely changed my body and my life for the better. How do I do it justice when I have NEVER felt this alive! It's hard to sum it up into words, but here is an outline of my process, from my point of view...

First of all, it really is a lifestyle change. Not a diet, not a meal plan, not an exercise plan, but a choice to live my life differently and to reap the incredible benefits of health. I learned to really listen to my body, first I learned what that means, then how to do it and it helps SO much. I learned about what foods were best for my body. I learned about good fats, protein, carbs. I learned to try new foods, to make my plate colorful. To have fun exploring foods and new recipes. I have been lactose free and gluten free for over a year and have found the change went very smoothly. I have eliminated sugar from my diet and have learned to eat healthy snacks, but yes I still enjoy chocolate and wine.

Wow.... i feel so much better. My mind is clear and I'm alert and no longer sluggish. I don't feel that mid-day drowsy feeling anymore. I am still learning to love my body but have a greater appreciation for my body. I am grateful for my body and how well it works. I feel amazing! I have learned so much about health and diet and food choices. I am so aware of my body now and how it reacts to food. I am clear minded and have lots of energy. I'm ready to live the rest of my life to the fullest. I never thought I would feel this good."

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