How Do Busy People Eat Healthy?

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28 Day Meal Plan

Contains 13 Breakfasts, 18 Lunch & Dinners, 15 Snack Options. All meals are categorised by 5 minute, 10 minute and 20 minute prep times. Comes with cooking tips & grocery lists. So you only have to cook 3 times a week!

Easy To Apply Nutrition Education

2 videos a week to teach you key nutrition topics:

Hacking your routine

Balancing your meals 

Maximizing nutrition decisions

Hitting the nutrition basics

and more...

Implementation & Motivation

You'll learn HOW to make good nutrition decisions to support a healthy life and weight loss & I'll be right there with you. Providing support, dropping you motivational emails and videos to help keep you on track! 


As a busy person, you can't afford NOT to do this course

  • Free up mental space. No more stressing about food and healthy living
  • Free up time with a clear meal prep plan and process that you'll learn
  • Support your busy life with a healthy body, clearer mind and more energy
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What You'll Learn

How to implement basic nutrition principles into your busy schedule. Making sure you get results without giving up your time or favourite foods.

How to take your nutrition to the next level so that you look and feel GOOD. Boost your energy levels and get glowing skin, all through food and on little time.

How to prep and plan like the Boss that you are so that you can keep the ball rolling AFTER the course is done.

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In This Course You Will:

  • Learn HOW to implement good nutrition into a busy schedule
  • Develop habits essential for any busy person to stay productive all day long
  • Save time, energy, money and mental space by following a CLEAR plan
  • Feel physically GOOD! More energy, better mental clarity and improved focus. No more energy crashes or hangry moods getting in the way
  • Have a 4 week customizable meal plan
  • A recipe book with 13 Breakfasts, 19 Lunch & Dinners, 15 Snack Options. All categorized by 5, 10 and 20 minute prep times.
  • Grocery store lists and easy to follow meal prep instructions
  • Education on:

The nutrition basics

How to plan and prep like a boss

How to hack your day so nutrition supports you, instead of stresses you

Establishing morning and evening routines that empower your day

How to lean into your own nutrition intuition

Taking your nutrition to the next level

Easy movement hacks to get more activity into your day without realising!

Learn how to eat out and decipher any menu

Realistic portions and how to use them in your favour

You'll also get...

  • An action plan for after the 28 days!
  • Worksheets to track weekly goals and stay focused
  • Receive email prompts, from me, to help you stay on track and motivated
  • Have lifetime access, so updates and new information will all be yours!

Healthy Hustlers 28 Day Kickstart

Get started on a healthier lifestyle, with easy to follow instructions, education and recipes that will help you save time, money and mental space...

"28 days was the perfect length to kickstart my weight loss and health journey. Elise breaks it down so it's easy to understand and easy to apply to your day. As a lawyer and a mum I'm busy ALL the time. Elise's tips were easy to implement right away!"

Testimonial - Hollie G.

Easy To Follow Meal Plan

For a step by step guide on what to eat, how much to eat, how much to grocery shop and when to cook. The 28 Day Kickstart will take the guess work out, and help you save time, money and lose weight!

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The value of this information through on one one coaching would be $500.

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