Don't listen to me, hear it from my former and current clients...

For me, the best part is the mental and emotional changes.

You can change, you can feel more confident and balanced.

This is what it sounds like to be EMPOWERED


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Even though some of the physical changes are BIG

One on One

Work with me directly to get a personalized, catered to your needs and preferences meal plan. Then let me teach you how to make your OWN nutrition decisions! 

FEEL AMAZING! No binges and no heartburn! As a one on one client you can hit specific goals quickly with consistent communication from me. 

I'll also help you include your favourite foods, and show you how to tweak or add to them so that they are nutritionally well rounded and what your body needs! 

Is your family's health in need too?

This one on one client had teenage kids and a pre-diabetic husband. This Mum took all the nutrition knowledge and implementation tips she learned from me and my program, and helped her whole family live healthier!

The impact of this work stays long after working together, and helps those around you too. The long lasting LIFESTYLE is invaluable when it comes to your health and the health of those you love. 


Mindset changes have a HUGE impact on well being and quality of life. 

Less pressure on yourself

Less mental stress and battles of should I or shouldn't I?!

More self love and body appreciation

More in tune with what you WANT instead of feeling like a slave to your favourite foods

(and yes, if you decide to go vegan/vegetarian, I will guide you through that change too!)

Removing resistance from what you WANT to eat

Being in tune with what foods give you energy and what make you sluggish

Lessons that make you feel happier and clearer in your food choices!

Motivation & Accountability

One on one clients get regular check ins to hold you accountable to the commitments you set. 

The one on one process is guided by what YOU need. 

I'm here to motivate and guide you along YOUR journey.


You can feel free to enjoy your life too

Diets fall apart with vacations, anniversaries and special events. LIFESTYLE changes allow you to enjoy the life you live while still feeling good and free from those controlling food thoughts!   

No more yo yo dieting, on again off again restriction. Instead, feeling EMPOWERED in any situation!

Host AND enjoy BBQ's without feeling like you're going to "fall off track"

When was the last time you felt like you didn't under or over eat?

When was the last time you had a meal plan that was perfect for you?

I give my one on one clients meal plans to start with while you LEARN how to make your own EMPOWERED choices!

One thing my one on one clients LOVE?

Having me in their back pocket 24/7

For questions, but especially while GROCERY SHOPPING! 

No more second guessing


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